Monday, 24 June 2013

Rocket Bean Goes on Holiday

We recently returned from a short break in a Tipi on Scotland's West Coast. Check them out here - Ardfen Tipis. We had a great time and I'd strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a bit of camping.

Avalanche Ale, Fyne Ales.

On our first night I enjoyed a couple local(ish) Ales from the Fyne brewery. During our stay we had the joy of cooking on a 'First Nation Fireplace' within the Tipi. Well, we didn't try any exciting new recipes, just fried corn, Pasta, Veg, Smores and Potatoes baked in the hot coals of the fire. Pretty smoky but pretty tasty.

 Sweet, Sweet Corn.

 Pan fried Broccoli and Asparagus

Pan Fried Veg and Mushroom Pasta sauce.

Smores (With Vegan Marshmallows)